Conference Meeting Dial-In Options

When you enable the Calendar, the Poly Trio system displays a meeting reminder for upcoming meetings.

If a dial-in number is available for the meeting, the reminder presents a Join button that enables users to join the meeting. If a meeting lists multiple dial-in numbers or URIs for the meeting, by default, the Join button automatically dials the first number.

You have the option to configure the Poly Trio system to offer users a list of available numbers when they tap the Join button instead of dialing the first number.

You can enable this feature using the exchange.meeting.join.promptWithList parameter. When enabled, the Poly Trio system provides multiple dial-in options when the user taps the Join button on the meeting reminder. You can enable users to choose any of the following dial-in options to join a meeting:
  • Tel URI
  • PSTN number
  • IP dial