Automatic Off-Hook Call Placement Parameters

As shown in the following list, you can specify an off-hook call contact, enable or disable the feature for each registration, and specify a protocol for the call.

You can specify only one line registration for the Poly Trio system.

Enter a SIP URL contact address. The contact must be an ASCII-encoded string containing digits, either the user part of a SIP URL (for example, 6416), or a full SIP URL (for example,

NULL (default)


0 (default) - No call is placed automatically when the phone goes off hook, and the other parameters are ignored.

1 - When the phone goes off hook, a call is automatically placed to the contact you specify in and using the protocol you specify in call.autoOffHook.x.protocol.


Specify the calling protocol. If no protocol is specified, the phone uses the protocol specified by call.autoRouting.preferredProtocol. If a line is configured for a single protocol, the configured protocol is used.

NULL (default)