Do Not Disturb Parameters

Use the parameters in the following list to configure the local DND feature.


1 (default) - Enable Do Not Disturb (DND).

0 - Disable Do Not Disturb (DND).

Change causes system to restart or reboot.


0 (default) - Disable server-based DND.

1 - Server-based DND is enabled. Server and local phone DND are synchronized.


This parameter depends on the value of voIpProt.SIP.serverFeatureControl.dnd .

If set to 1 (default) and voIpProt.SIP.serverFeatureControl.dnd is set to 1, the phone and the server perform DND.

If set to 0 and voIpProt.SIP.serverFeatureControl.dnd is set to 1, DND is performed on the server-side only, and the phone does not perform local DND.

If both voIpProt.SIP.serverFeatureControl.localProcessing.dnd and voIpProt.SIP.serverFeatureControl.dnd are set to 0, the phone performs local DND and the localProcessing parameter is not used.

1 (default) - Enabled

0 - Disabled


When enabled, the phone rejects incoming calls with a busy signal while Do Not Disturb is on. When disabled, the phone gives a visual alert of incoming calls, but no audible ring, when Do Not Disturb is on.

1 (default)- Enabled

0 - Disabled

Note: This parameter does not apply to shared lines since not all users may want DND enabled.

This parameter determines if the do-not-disturb feature applies to all registrations on the phone or on a per-registration basis.

0 (default) - DND applies to all registrations on the phone.

1 - Users can activate DND on a per-registration basis.

Note: If voIpProt.SIP.serverFeatureControl.dnd is set to 1 (enabled), this parameter is ignored.