Hybrid Line Registration Limitations

The Hybrid Registration feature include the following limitations:
  • You cannot merge local conferences on Skype for Business registration lines. You can merge local conferences on Open SIP registration lines.
  • You cannot bridge Skype for Business and Open SIP registration lines.
  • Local merging of two point-to-point calls made using two different lines between two Poly Trio systems is not supported.
  • Only call transfers between different SIP registrations with the same SIP call servers is supported. Call transfer between SIP registrations on different SIP call servers is not supported.
  • To avoid unexpected phone behavior, do not use the same user name for multiple registrations. Use similar but not identical user names. For example, use: reg.1.address="John.Smith@company.com" and reg.2.address="J.Smith@business.com".
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption of Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) media for secure communication in hybrid Open SIP registrations is not supported.