International Dialing Prefix Parameters

The following parameters configure the international dialing prefixes.


This parameter applies to all numeric dial pads on the phone, including for example, the contact directory.

Changes you make to this parameter cause a restart or reboot.

1 (default) - Disable the key tap timer that converts a double tap of the asterisk "*" symbol to the "+" symbol to indicate an international call. By default, this parameter is enabled so that a quick double tap of "*" converts immediately to "+". To enter a double asterisk "**", tap "*" once and wait for the key tap timer to expire to enter a second "*".

0 - When you disable this parameter, you cannot dial "+" and you must enter the international exit code of the country you are calling from to make international calls.

Change causes system to restart or reboot.


The phone supports international call prefix (+) with both "0" and "*".

0 (default) - Set the international prefix with "*".

1 - Set the international prefix with "0".