Analytics Support for Poly Cloud Services

You can configure phones to accept commands from the cloud analytics service to perform specified operations on the device and retrieve device details.

Poly phones send the following details to the cloud:

  • Device Asset
  • Device Network
  • Device Diagnostics

Poly phones send the device details to the cloud when the following occurs:

  • Phone restarts or reboots
  • On-demand request from the cloud
  • Device details are updated or changed

Importing and Exporting Configurations

When you enable Device Analytics and set the value to all or config, you can configure the following device options:
  • Download a configuration file to a phone from the cloud
  • Upload the configuration of a phone to cloud

Poly phones don’t support analytics when you configure the phones with IPv6 or dual stack Ethernet configuration.

Note: For more information on Device Analytics, refer to the Polycom Device Analytics Service Guide on the Polycom Documentation Library .