Device Parameters

The <device/> parameters (also known as device settings) contain default values you can use to configure settings for large-scale device deployments within your network.

Poly provides a global device.set parameter that you must enable to install software and change device parameters. Each <device/> parameter has a corresponding .set parameter that enables or disables the value for that device parameter. You need to enable the corresponding .set parameter for each parameter you want to apply.

After you complete the software installation or configuration changes using device parameters, remove device.set to prevent the phones from rebooting and triggering a reset of device parameters that phone users might have changed after the initial installation.

The <device/> parameters are designed to be stored in flash memory. Therefore, Poly phones don’t upload <device/> parameters to the <MAC>-web.cfg or <MAC>-phone.cfg override files that store settings you make using the system web interface (Web Configuration Utility) or the phone’s local interface. This design protects your ability to manage and access the phones using the standard set of parameters on a provisioning server after the initial software installation.

If you configure any parameter values using the <device/> parameters, subsequent configuration changes you make from the system web interface (Web Configuration Utility) or the phone’s local interface don’t take effect until after the phone reboots or restarts.