Getting Started

You can deploy UC software by configuring individual phones, but Poly recommends setting up a provisioning server on your LAN or the internet for large-scale deployments.

Product Overview

UC software manages the protocol stack, the digital signal processor (DSP), the user interface, and the network interaction on Poly Trio phones.

UC software implements the following functions and features on the phones:
  • VoIP signaling for a wide range of voice and video telephony functions using SIP signaling for call setup and control.
  • Industry-standard security techniques for ensuring that the systems robustly authenticate and encrypt all provisioning, signaling, and media transactions.
  • Advanced audio signal processing for speakerphone communications using a wide range of audio codecs.
  • Flexible provisioning methods to support single-phone, small business, and large multisite enterprise deployments.

Supported Phones and Accessories

The following table lists the product names, model names, and part numbers for Poly phones and devices that support UC Software.

Table 1. Product Name, Model Name, and Part Number
Product Name Model Name Part Number
Poly Trio C60 Poly TrioC60 3111-86240-001

Working with UC Software

Poly phones come installed with updater software that resides in the flash memory of the phone.

When you boot up or reboot the phone, the updater automatically updates, downloads, and installs new software versions or configuration files as needed, based on the server or phone settings.

UC Software Provisioning Methods

Poly provides several methods to provision phones and configure phone features. The method you use depends on the number of phones in your deployment, the phone model(s), and how you want to apply features and settings.

You can use multiple methods simultaneously to provision and configure features. There is a priority among the methods that impacts your phone deployment when you use multiple methods simultaneously. If there is a discrepancy among multiple provisioning methods or configuration settings, the Poly phone uses the setting set with the higher-priority method based on the following hierarchy:

  1. Quick setup
  2. Local interface (the phone menu)
  3. System web interface (Web Configuration Utility)
  4. USB
  5. Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager
  6. Centralized provisioning
  7. Default phone values

For example, when you provision the phones using a provisioning server and subsequently apply settings using the system web interface, the system web interface setting overrides any duplicate settings you set from the provisioning server. Likewise, any settings set from the local interface override any duplicate settings you set using the system web interface.

For more information on provisioning phones, see the Poly Trio Solution Provisioning Guide.

Record the Phone’s Version Information

In case you need to contact technical support, record the following information for future reference:
  • Phone model(s)
  • Updater version
  • UC software version
  • Partner platform