Verify the RealPresence Group Series Meets the Pairing Hardware Requirement

Your RealPresence Group Series system must be hardware version 20 or later to use Poly Trio Mode.


  • Do one of the following to verify that your system has the correct hardware:
    • Check that your model has the right part number.
      Model Part Number
      RealPresence Group Series 310 2201-61079-xxx
      RealPresence Group Series 500 2201-61078-xxx
    • Locate the sticker on the system with the hardware version label (e.g., HV20). (The same sticker is also near the shipping label on the box.)
    • In the system web interface, go to the System page to find the hardware version.
    • In the local interface, go to Settings > System Information to find the hardware version.
    Note: In the system web interface, you won’t see the option for configuring to Poly Trio Mode if your hardware version isn’t supported.