Choose Audio Output

Select which speakers you want to use for audio and video calls. You can toggle this setting in or out of a call.

Important: The 3.5 mm audio output from a connected Trio VisualPro is always active, regardless of this setting. The audio output from the VisualPro is a copy of the far-end audio used as the tracking reference for a connected EagleEye Director II camera. Using this audio reference improves the EagleEye Director II camera's tracking precision and ability to frame the speaking participants.


  1. In the local interface, go to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Audio Output.
  2. Choose one of the following:
    • Phone speakers: Use only the Trio speakers.
    • TV speakers: Use the connected monitor’s speakers.
    • Automatic - based on call type: Use the Trio speakers for audio calls and the connected monitor’s speakers for video calls.