Manually Pair with Poly Trio Systems

You can manually pair a Poly Trio 8500 or 8800 system with a RealPresence Group Series system from the Poly Trio system's menu.


  1. Set up the system you plan to pair with the Poly Trio system.

    For setup instructions, refer to your system’s setup sheet.

    The Welcome screen displays on your monitor and indicates steps to pair with a Poly Trio system.

  2. On the phone’s local interface, go to Settings > Advanced > Networked Devices and make sure Notification of New Devices is On.
  3. Choose one of the following:
    • If you haven’t paired the device before, select Pair with New Device, choose the device you want to pair from the Discovered Devices list, and in the Details screen, select Pair. All currently paired devices display under Paired Devices.
    • If you have previously paired the device, select the device from the Available Devices list and select Pair.
  4. Tap Complete when you see the message prompting you to complete the pairing.
If paired, a success message displays on the monitor(s) along with a self-view window. The LED light on the device paired with your phone is also continuously blue, and a paired icon displays on the phone. If pairing is unsuccessful, you see a message that the devices could not pair. After successful pairing, if your devices disconnect for 60 seconds, a message displays that the devices have temporarily lost connection.