Configuring Shared Line Appearance (SLA) for Skype for Business

Shared Line Appearance (SLA) feature enables user to share a single line with other contacts as a member of a group.

Each shared line can receive only one incoming call at a time, and users cannot make outgoing calls from the shared line, including 911 emergency calls.

An incoming call to the shared line is received by all phones sharing the line. Any SLA group member can place, answer, hold, or resume calls on the line, and all group members can view the status of a call on the shared line on their phones.

SLA Limitations

The following features are not supported on SLA lines:
  • BToE
  • Conference class
  • Call Park

SLA Configuration for Skype for Business

Administrators must install the Shared line Application on the Microsoft Front End server and configure SLA groups in Windows PowerShell.

Administrators can configure a ring tone type, and users can set a ring type from the phone's Basic Settings menu.

Table 1. SLA for Skype for Business Parameters



Permitted Values

Change Causes Restart or Reboot


Set the ring type for the share line so that users can distinguish between incoming calls to a private, primary line and the group SLA line. Note that users can set this ring type from the phone, which overrides the value you set here.

0 - 25