Provision and Update Polycom Trio Systems with a USB Device

You can store configuration files and settings on a USB flash memory device and provision or update Polycom Trio 8800, 8500, or Polycom Trio Visual+ during normal functioning or in recovery mode.

Recovery mode enables you to recover the Polycom Trio systems or Polycom Trio Visual+ to a normal provisioning state when other methods are not working or not available.

Note: The Polycom Trio system automatically provisions and updates a connected and paired Polycom Trio Visual+ system. You can, however, provision and update the Polycom Trio Visual+ separately, for example, if you need to support IEEE 802.1x or provision on networks without DHCP.

Polycom Trio 8800 and 8500 support only File Allocation Table (FAT) file systems and Polycom recommends using FAT32.

If other USB devices are attached to Polycom Trio system, you must remove them and ensure that Polycom Trio system correctly recognizes the USB device you want to install from.

If you use a USB device to provision while centralized provisioning server is in use, the USB configuration files override server settings. When you remove the USB device, the device returns to settings you configured on the server. Note, however, that the original server settings are subject to direct.set changes initiated by the USB device. The direct.set changes can alter parameters on the provisioning server and change basic provisioning settings.

When you attach a USB device, you are prompted for the administrator password (default 456). The Polycom Trio system downloads and installs the configuration files and you can remove the USB when complete.