Provisioning the Phones

Polycom provides manual per-phone provisioning methods and centralized provisioning methods.

The method labeled device.set is an advanced method for users familiar with Polycom configuration files and uses centralized provisioning to set the Base Profile for multiple phones.

The Base Profile is a provisioning option available on Skype for Business-enabled Polycom devices that simplifies the process of registering your devices with Skype for Business. The Base Profile displays in the phone's menu system and varies by phone model. The Base Profile automates registration with a default set of configuration parameters and settings; you cannot modify or customize the Base Profile or feature settings. Because you can provision only a single phone at a time from the local phone menu, Polycom recommends using centralized provisioning for deployments of greater than 20 devices requiring only default Skype for Business settings.

For Skype for Business deployments, the Web Configuration Utility is disabled by default and you cannot register phones with the Web Configuration Utility. If you want to use a phone's Web Configuration Utility after the phone is registered with Skype for Business Server, you must enable access to the Web Configuration Utility.

For complete information on provisioning Polycom Trio with UC Software, see the Polycom Trio Systems - Administrator Guide on Polycom Trio Support.