Polycom People+Content IP over USB

You can use Polycom® People+Content® IP (PPCIP) to share video or data from a Windows® or Mac® computer connected by USB to the Polycom Trio system when in or out of a call.

When you install PPCIP version 1.4.2 and run it unopened in the background, the PPCIP application pops up immediately when you connect the computer to Polycom Trio solution via USB.

Keep the following points in mind:
  • You can show content with People+Content IP on a Windows or Mac computer connected by USB to Polycom Trio to a maximum of 1080p resolution and a maximum of 30 frames per second (fps).
  • Audio content is not shared.
  • Content sent from People+Content is sent over USB, and no network connection is needed. This is useful for environments where guest IP access is not allowed. You must use UC Software 5.4.3AA or later to share your desktop at up to 1080p resolution using a Mac computer connected by USB to the Polycom Trio solution.

    The default port used by Group Paging when enabled ptt.pageMode.enable="1" conflicts with the UDP port 5001 used by Polycom® People+Content™ on the Polycom Trio system. Since the port used by People+Content is fixed and cannot be configured, configure one of two workarounds:

    • Configure a different port for Group Paging using parameter ptt.port or
    • Disable People+Content IP using parameter content.ppcipServer.enabled="0" .