Polycom Trio System Support for Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS)

Polycom Trio 8800 and 8500 systems registered with Skype for Business allow you to use Video-based Screen Sharing (VbSS) with Skype for Business clients. VbSS enables both application and desktop sharing. Prior to VbSS support, Polycom Trio systems supported only Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) for receiving content.

Note the following when using VbSS:
  • The Polycom Trio 8300 registered with Skype for Business does not support pairing with the Polycom Visual+ system and so does not support VbSS.
  • The Polycom Trio 8800 and 8500 systems can only receive Skype for Business VbSS content. You cannot transmit VbSS content from the Polycom Trio systems.

The advantages of VbSS content sharing over RDP are as follows:

  • The video experience is faster, with an improvement in frames-per-second.
  • Works better in low bandwidth conditions, even when receiving high motion content, such as 3-D graphics.

However, if any participant in a Skype for Business conference does not support VbSS, the Skype for Business server content switches from VbSS to Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) content.