Open SIP Digit Map

If you are using a list of strings, each string in the list can be specified as a set of digits or timers, or as an expression which the gateway uses to find the shortest possible match.

In addition, the digit map feature allows SIP URI dialing to match the URIs based on dial plan.

When making a URI call, the Polycom Trio system allows dial plan matching for SIP URI calls to append strings to the dialed number. SIP URI dial plan can also be used with auto line switching in Hybrid registration scenarios to automatically select the line based on dial plan.

The following is a list of digit map string rules for open SIP environments.

  • The following letters are case sensitive: x, T, R, S, and H.
  • You must use only *, #, +, or 0-9 between the second and third R.
  • If a digit map does not comply, it is not included in the digit plan as a valid map. That is, no match is made.
  • There is no limit to the number of R triplet sets in a digit map. However, a digit map that contains less than a full number of triplet sets (for example, a total of 2 Rs or 5 Rs) is considered an invalid digit map.
  • Digit map extension letter R indicates that certain matched strings are replaced. Using an RRR syntax, you can replace the digits between the first two Rs with the digits between the last two Rs. For example, R555R604R would replace 555 with 604. Digit map timer letter T indicates a timer expiry. Digit map protocol letters S and H indicate the protocol to use when placing a call.
  • If you use T in the left part of RRR's syntax, the digit map will not work. For example, R0TR322R will not work.
The following examples illustrate the semantics of the syntax:
  • R9R604Rxxxxxxx-Replaces 9 with 604
  • xxR601R600Rxx-When applied to 1160122 gives 1160022
  • R9RRxxxxxxx-Remove 9 at the beginning of the dialed number (replace 9 with nothing)
    • For example, if you dial 914539400, the first 9 is removed when the call is placed.
  • RR604Rxxxxxxx-Prepend 604 to all seven-digit numbers (replace nothing with 604)
    • For example, if you dial 4539400, 604 is added to the front of the number, so a call to 6044539400 is placed.
  • xR60xR600Rxxxxxxx-Replace any 60x with 600 in the middle of the dialed number that matches.

    For example, if you dial 16092345678, a call is placed to 16002345678.

  • 911xxx.T-A period (.) that matches an arbitrary number, including zero, of occurrences of the preceding construct. For example:
  • 911123 with waiting time to comply with T is a match
  • 9111234 with waiting time to comply with T is a match
  • 91112345 with waiting time to comply with T is a match and the number can grow indefinitely given that pressing the next digit takes less than T.
  • sip\:764xxxxxRR@registrar.polycomcsn.comR - appends to any URI calls matching with "764xxxxx".

    For example, if you make a SIP URI call with 76412345 then is appended to the string such that the SIP URI call INVITE becomes . Here, @domain string is required only for SIP URI calls from unregistered lines.

  • sip\:xxxx\@registrar\.polycomcsn\.com - This will match with any four digit URI calls having the domain .

    For example, if you configure three lines and has dial plan based line switching enabled. Now, if the third line's dial plan has sip\:xxxx\@registrar\.polycomcsn\.com then call will be initiated from the third line if user dial because it matches with the third line's dial plan.