Polycom Trio System SIP URI Dialing

When making a URI call, Polycom Trio 8500 and 8800 systems allow dial plan matching for SIP URI calls to append strings to the dialed number.

SIP URI dial plan can also be used with auto line switching in Hybrid registration scenarios to automatically select the line based on dial plan.

The following examples illustrate the semantics of the syntax:
  • sip\:764xxxxxRR@registrar.polycomcsn.comR - appends @registrar.polycomcsn.com to any URI calls matching with "764xxxxx".

    For example, if you make a SIP URI call with 76412345 then @registrar.polycomcsn.com is appended to the string such that the SIP URI call INVITE becomes sip::76412345@vc.polycom.com . Here, @domain string is required only for SIP URI calls from unregistered lines.

  • sip\:xxxx\@registrar\.polycomcsn\.com - This will match with any four digit URI calls having the domain @registrar.polycomcsn.com .

    For example, if you configure three lines and enable dial plan-based line switching, and the third line's dial plan is sip\:xxxx\@registrar\.polycomcsn\.com then calls will be initiated from the third line if you dial 1234@registrar.polycomcsn.com because it matches the third line's dial plan.