Polycom UC Software, Template Files, and Documentation

Polycom offers UC Software for Skype for Business in two file formats:
  • Combined or Split sip.ld.
  • Polycom offers UC Software in CAB file format. This Microsoft Windows archive file format, recommended by Microsoft for customer premises equipment (CPE), safely compresses data and embeds digital certificates.
This deployment guide refers to two configuration file templates:
  • SkypeTrioSharedExample.cfg . This template file for the Polycom Trio 8800 system provides you with all required parameters and default settings to register with Skype for Business Server.
  • 000000000000.cfg . Use this master configuration file to load SkypeTrioSharedExample.cfg and all other configuration files containing settings you want to load to devices from a central provisioning server. For details on using template and master configuration files, see the Polycom Trio Solution - Administrator Guide.
    Note: All template files, Polycom UC Software, and supporting documentation is available on Polycom Trio Support.