Administrator and User Passwords

You can change the default administrator and user passwords.

When you set the Base Profile to Skype or update your phones to UC Software 5.x.x or later, the phones display a message prompting you to change the default administrator password (456). Polycom strongly recommends that you change the default password. This password is not the Skype for Business user Sign In password. The default administrator password enables administrators to access advanced settings menu on the phone menu and to log in to a phone's Web Configuration Utility as an administrator.

You can change the default password using any of the following methods:
  • The popup prompt when the phone first registers
  • Phone menu
  • Web Configuration Utility
  • Use the parameter reg.1.auth.password
You must have a user or administrator password before you can access certain menu options on the phone and in the Web Configuration Utility. You can use the following default passwords to access menu options on the phone and to access the Web Configuration Utility:
  • Administrative password: 456
  • User password: 123

You can use an administrator password where a user password is required, and you will see all of the user options. If the phone requires the administrator password, you can use the user password, but you are presented with limited menu options. Note that the Web Configuration Utility displays different features and options depending on which password is used.

Each time you connect a Polycom Trio system with a Polycom Trio Visual+ accessory, the Visual+ user password is reset to match the Polycom Trio system user password. You can change the Polycom Trio Visual+ password on the Polycom Trio menu or Web Configuration Utility.

When the Polycom Trio solution Base Profile is set to SkypeUSB, you can set the keyboard entry mode for the password in the Advanced menu on the phone.