Consumer Electronics Controls (CEC) over HDMI on Polycom Trio Systems

Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) enables monitor standby on Polycom Trio systems when using the Polycom Trio Visual+ system to connect to CEC-capable monitors with HDMI.

Check the feature settings and sub-settings on your monitor to verify that your monitor supports CEC.

When you enable CEC, any connected CEC-capable monitors switch to standby mode to save power when the Polycom Trio system enters standby mode. When the system awakes, the monitors are powered up before displaying Polycom Trio system video. Use of system standby requires CEC-capable monitors. Note that not all HDMI monitors support CEC.

During startup, the Polycom Trio Visual+ system might display messages about potential issues when a monitor is connected to the HDMI port, for example:
  • HDMI connectivity issues. The Polycom Visual+ message may indicate monitor capability issues. Check the HDMI connection and replace the HDMI cable if necessary.
  • Low resolution monitor. The Polycom Visual+ message indicates when a low resolution monitor is connected. Use a full HD monitor if possible.
    Note: CEC features can vary by the brand of monitor. Specifically, some monitors have sub-feature settings under the main CEC setting that control whether or not the monitor responds to CEC commands. Ensure that you enable all CEC features and sub-features on all monitors connected to the Polycom Trio systems.