Microsoft Teams for Polycom Trio Systems

You can configure the Polycom Trio system to run Microsoft Teams in Shared mode with the integrated Microsoft Teams user interface. In Shared mode, users can initiate and join audio-only Teams calls and meetings.

You can set the Polycom Trio system's Base Profile to Microsoft Teams from the system's Settings menu or by setting the parameter device.baseProfile to MSTeams.

Note: When you set the Polycom Trio system's base profile to MSTeams, Microsoft controls the Microsoft Teams software experience and performance on the Polycom Trio system. Send all feedback and queries to Microsoft.

Limitations on Polycom Trio with Microsoft Teams

The following features aren't available on Polycom Trio with Microsoft Teams:

  • Microsoft Teams isn't supported in on-premises deployments.
  • Polycom Trio doesn't support Microsoft Teams in Personal mode.
  • The Polycom Trio system in Microsoft Teams base profile doesn't support the Polycom Trio Visual+ system, video calls, or content sharing.