Microsoft Teams Support for Polycom Trio System Feature Settings

The Microsoft Teams Administrator Portal enables you to configure settings for some Polycom Trio system features. The table in this section lists the supported Polycom Trio features, with configuration notes where applicable.

Table 1. Polycom Trio Features Supported by the Teams Admin Portal
Feature Supported? Notes
Device Lock No
Device Lock Timeout No
Device Lock PIN No
Language Yes
Time zone Yes The Polycom Trio system converts the GMT offset (Timezone) and Time DST settings to the closest Olson Time Zone ID, which the system uses to configure the device time zone. When you set Time DST to "On," Daylight Saving is observed. When Time DST is "Auto" or "Off", Daylight Saving isn't observed.
Time DST Yes See notes for Timezone.
Date format No
Time format No
Device Settings
Display backlight brightness Yes The value for this setting is mapped to the Polycom Trio system's three discrete brightness levels.
Display backlight timeout Yes Polycom Trio systems support a minimum timeout of 60 seconds.
Display high contrast No
Silent mode No
Office hours Yes Control how quickly the system display screen turns off after no user activity, as set by the display backlight timeout value. Outside of office hours, the display screen turns off after one minute.
Power saving Yes Control whether the display backlight turns off as set by the office hours.
Screen capture Yes If enabled, the Screen Capture menu displays on the Polycom Trio system at Device Settings > Basic > Preferences > Screen Capture.
Network Settings
DHCP enabled Yes
Logging enabled Yes
Host name Yes
Domain name Yes
IP address Yes
Subnet mask Yes
Default gateway Yes
Primary DNS Yes
Secondary DNS Yes
Device default admin password Yes
Network PC port Yes