Connect a Polycom Trio System to a Room System

Complete the following steps to connect a Polycom Trio system with a Skype Room System, Microsoft Teams Room system, or Microsoft Surface Hub.


  1. Update the Microsoft Surface Hub to the latest release version to successfully connect to the Polycom Trio system.
  2. Power the Polycom Trio system.
  3. Use or update to the latest version of UC Software to successfully connect with a Room System or Surface Hub.
  4. Set the Polycom Trio system's Base Profile to SkypeUSB. Omit this step if you purchased a Polycom Trio for Skype Room or Microsoft Teams Room.
  5. Connect the Polycom Trio system to a Room System or Surface Hub via USB cable.

    When you connect the USB cable while the Room System or Surface Hub is in a call, both systems are placed on hold until you re-join the call from either system.

  6. On the Room System or Surface Hub you are connecting, configure Polycom Trio as the audio device - microphone and speaker.