Poly Trio System Display Name

The system name displays in the Global menu of the Poly Trio systems and on monitor(s) connected to a paired Poly Trio Visual+ or Trio VisualPro system.

The system name also displays on any devices connected with the system wirelessly, such as Bluetooth-enabled or AirPlay-certified devices.

By default, the system name displays as Poly Trio <model number> (xxxxxx) where (xxxxxx) is the last six digits of the phone's MAC address. For example, Poly Trio 8800 (01161C).

You can configure the name that displays on the system, the connected monitor, and any devices wirelessly connected to the system. The name you configure for the system, using any of the following parameters, displays in the subsequent priority order:
  • system.name
  • reg.1.displayname
  • reg.1.label
  • reg.1.address
  • Default system name

If you set the system name using the system.name parameter, the value you set displays for the system unless you configure a name to display for a specific feature.

The system name you set using any of the following feature parameters takes precedence over the name set in system.name :
  • AirPlay: content.airplayServer.name
  • Bluetooth: bluetooth.device.name
  • Wireless Display: content.wirelessDisplay.name