Poly Trio System Name for Wireless Content Connections

When the Poly Trio 8800 system is registered with Skype for Business, you can determine if the Skype for Business display name shows in the list of available devices that supported Apple, Windows, or Android devices can connect with to share content using AirPlay or Miracast.

The Airplay or Miracast devices search for a system name, which you can specify in one or more of the following parameters. The device displays the name you configure for the system in the following priority in order:
  • content.airplayServer.name for AirPlay or content.wirelessDisplay.name for Miracast
  • system.name
  • displayname (on the Skype for Business server)
  • reg.1.displayname
  • reg.1.label
  • reg.1.address
  • Default system name based on the model and MAC address