Join a Meeting with SIP URI Parameters

The following table lists the parameters that configure dial-in information.


Specifies the behavior of the Join button on meeting reminder pop-ups.

0 (default) - Tapping Join on a meeting reminder should show a list of numbers to dial rather than immediately dialing the first one.

1 - A meeting reminder does not show a list of numbers to dial.


Specifies when to scan the meeting's subject, location, and description fields for dialable numbers.

NonSkypeMeeting (default)




Specifies where to search for a dialable number.

All (default)


List instances of text like user@domain or user@ipaddress in the meeting description or subject under the More Actions pane as dialable SIP URIs.

0 (default) - it does not list the text as a dialable SIP URI

1 - it treats user@domain


List of comma-separated domains that will be permitted to be interpreted as SIP URIs

Null (default)

String (maximum of 255 characters)