Reverse Name Lookup Parameter

The following parameter configure Reverse Name Lookup.


Outlook,SIP,ABS,Local (default)

This parameter overrides up.useDirectoryNames in the Skype Base Profile.

Enter a comma-separated string, no spaces, for components you want to enable with Reverse Name Lookup. If you misconfigure the string, the parameter value falls back to the default priority order. The string isn’t case-sensitive and can include any of the following values, listed here in the default priority order the phone looks for a matching name:

For example, if you configure "ABS,SIP,Outlook,Local”, the phone tries to match the incoming number with contact names in the order of components you list.

If you don’t configure the value SIP as one of the values, and the phone doesn’t obtain the contact name using any one of the others values you configure, the phone uses the name given in the SIP signaling.

If you configure this parameter as disabled to avoid look up from Outlook, ABS, and local sources, then the phone uses the contact name given in the SIP signaling.