Configure Your Meeting Invite for One Touch Dial with Polycom RealConnect Technology

Customize your meeting invitation to include the dialing information meeting participants need to join using One Touch Dial.


  1. In the Skype for Business 2015 Control Panel, go to Conferencing > Meeting Configuration.
  2. In the Custom footer text field, type the following text: "To join this meeting from a video conferencing device, use the numeric 'Conference ID' provided in this invitation".
  3. Additionally, on the next line, type the following text based on your environment:
    • Format for Polycom RealConnect Hybrid:

      "Dial <TenantKey>"

      Replace <TenantKey> and ConferenceID with your tenant key and Conference ID. For example,

    • Format for Polycom RealConnect for Clariti:


      Replace ConferenceID with your Conference ID. For example,