Sign In Methods

You can configure users to sign in or out of the phone using one of the following methods:
  • User ID - Enable users to sign in with their user credentials on the Sign In screen. You cannot configure login credentials using the Web Configuration Utility.
  • PIN Authentication - Use this to sign in on the phone or from the Web Configuration Utility. This option is available in on-premises Skype for Business deployments when you configure DHCP Option 43 and is not available for online deployments.
  • Web Sign In for Skype for Business - This method enables secure sign-in from a browser on your computer or mobile device. The phone generates a unique pairing code used to sign in on a secure Office 365 website.
  • Single Sign-On Solutions (SSO) - Allows you to use the same login credentials across multiple cloud-based applications such as Microsoft Exchange and Skype for Business.

When you change the active directory password, the phone de-registers from the Skype for Business server with a registration expiry value.

The maximum length of the user name or sign in address (Name + Domain) is limited to 45 characters.

While signing in to the phone, the phone displays sign-in progress messages such as Discovering Skype for Business Server or Authentication in progress.