Web Sign In for Skype for Business

Web Sign In is enabled by default on phones registered with the Skype for Business server and is available for Skype for Business Online and On-Premise deployments.

Web Sign In enables users to securely login to Skype for Business on their phone from a computer or a mobile web browser. It provides users with a way to authenticate their Skype for Business credentials without entering their credentials on the phone. The phone displays on-screen instructions to help users proceed through the process. With the Web Sign In method, a user can sign in concurrently to a maximum of eight phones. If a user signs in on multiple phones and signs out from one phone, the user remains signed in on the remaining phones.

Users authenticate their accounts using a pairing code that is generated on the phone. The pairing code that the Web Sign In method generates expires within a few minutes after the Skype for Business server sends the code to the phone. Users must sign in before the pairing code expires.

Web Sign In supports Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on phones. If you’re using MFA, you must use Web Sign In as the user sign-in method with phones. For more information on configuring MFA for Office 365, refer to Microsoft's Configure Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Settings.

Web Sign In for Skype for Business server is supported only when the Hybrid Modern Authentication (HMA) environment is enabled. To use the capability of HMA with Skype for Business On-Premise, Active Directory should be federated with Azure Active Directory (AAD). For more information to configure HMA in your environment, refer to Hybrid Modern Authentication for Skype for Business.