Bluetooth and NFC-Assisted Bluetooth for Poly Trio Systems

Poly Trio systems support Bluetooth connection and pairing with a compatible Bluetooth device such as a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or headset. The Poly Trio 8800 system supports near-field communication (NFC).

When you enable Bluetooth, users can connect a Bluetooth-capable device, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop to the Poly Trio system. You can make calls from the connected device and play audio from calls, video, or music from the Poly Trio system speaker. When your device is connected over Bluetooth during an audio or a video call, you can use the Poly Trio system microphones for audio instead of the microphone(s) of your connected device. The Poly Trio phones can remember up to 10 previously paired devices.

When NFC is enabled on the Poly Trio 8800 system and you connect a personal device to the Poly Trio 8800, the NFC logo displays on the device screen.

Note that using a Bluetooth headset can affect voice quality on the phone due to inherent limitations with Bluetooth technology. You may not experience the highest voice quality when using a Bluetooth headset while the 2.4 GHz band is enabled or while you are in an environment with many other Bluetooth devices.

Note: The Poly Trio system does not automatically reconnect to paired devices after the device Bluetooth connection is disconnected or after a reboot of the Poly Trio system. If the paired Bluetooth device is disconnected or the Poly Trio system reboots, you must manually reconnect and pair the device to the Trio system.