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Hybrid Line Registration

The Polycom Trio 8500 and 8800 system supports hybrid (Skype for Business / Open SIP) registration. You can simultaneously register one line with Skype for Business or Open SIP and a second line with another Open SIP server. Similarly, you can choose to register all lines with Open SIP sever. You can also choose the number of lines you want to use by setting the value in reg.limit parameter.

If you plan to configure and register Skype for Business on one line, make sure to always use Line 1 for Skype for Business. You cannot simultaneously register two Skype for Business lines.

In addition, you can configure the line switching feature based on dial plan when the phone is on-hook. The line switching feature enables the dialed number to switch to the corresponding line. For example, when you place a call from the phone and the number corresponds to an Open SIP line, the line switching feature enables the dialed number to switch to the corresponding line.

Moreover, for dial plan based line switching, when all the lines are registered to Open SIP, the value defined in the global parameter for a dial plan takes the priority. For example, dialplan.impossibleMatchHandling and dialplan.conflictMatchHandling. Similarly, if the line is registered to Skype for Business, the value defined in the per-registration dial plan parameter takes priority over general dial plan parameter. For example, dialplan.1.conflictMatchHandling and dialplan.1.impossibleMatchHandling.

When more than one digit maps are getting matched to the dialed number - a conflict match - and the dialplan.conflictMatchHandling parameter is disabled, the first matching digit map starting from left to right takes priority. However, if dialplan.conflictMatchHandling parameter is enabled, the matching digit map having the lowest timeout value takes priority.

However, line switching is configurable based on dial plan when the phone is off-hook. By default, line switching for on-hook and off-hook dialing is disabled.

Note that the Presence feature is available only on the Skype for Business line and will display the Device status. The following table list the Presence status for specific environment.

Presence Status Indicators for Hybrid Line Registration
Use Cases
Presence State on SfB Line
Presence String
Presence State on Open SIP Line
Non-Skype line in a call
In a call
Not Supported
Skype line in a call
In a call
Not Supported
Content shared over PPCIP
In a call
Not Supported
Non-Skype line in conference
In a conference
Not Supported
Skype line in con­ference
In a conference
Not Supported
DND on Skype line
Do Not Disturb
Not Supported
DND on Open SIP line
Not Supported

Hybrid Line Registration Limitations

The Hybrid Registration feature include the following limitations:

Merging of local conference is only supported with open SIP registrations and not supported with Skype for Business (bridging a Skype for Business with an open SIP line is not supported).

Local merging of two point-to-point calls made using two different lines between two Polycom Trio systems is not supported.

Only call transfers between different SIP registrations with the same SIP call servers is supported. Call transfer between SIP registrations on different SIP call servers is not supported.

Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption of Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) media for secure communication in hybrid Open SIP registrations is not supported.

Hybrid Line Registration Parameters

The following tables lists the parameters to configure dial plan and line switching for Hybrid Registration.

Dial Plan and Digit Map Parameters for Hybrid Registrations
Permitted Values
Change Causes Restart or Reboot



0 (default) - Disable the line switching in dial plan to switch the call to the dial plan matched line.
1 - Enable the line switching in dial plan to switch the call to the dial plan matched line.
This is not applicable for off-hook dialing.



Specify the maximum number of lines to use for registration.
1 (default)
12 maximum (1-3 supported)



1 (default) - Allows the dialplans from dialplan.1.digitmap to append on top of the dialplans received from the server.
0 - Does not allow the dial plans from dialplan.1.digitmap to append on top of the dialplans received from the server.

Configure Hybrid Line Registration using the Web Configuration Utility

You can configure the phone to support the Hybrid (Skype for Business/ Open SIP) Registration from phone's Web Configuration Utility page after enabling the feature using configuration parameter.

Make sure the to set the Base profile as Skype for Business on the Polycom Trio 8800 system.

To configure a hybrid line registration using Web Configuration Utility:

1Sign in to the Polycom Trio 8800 system's Web configuration Utility page using Admin account.

If configuring Skype for Business on Line 1, sign in to the Web Configuration Utility as Skype for Business user.

2On the Web Configuration Utility page, navigate to Settings > Line.

The number of lines enabled to configure is displayed.

3Configure the Skype for Business registration on Line 1.

4Configure the Open SIP registration on Line 2.

You can configure other lines with Open SIP registration.

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