Video Call Settings

You can update video settings to change the way video calls display on your Polycom Trio system. Note that if you update settings during a call, the new settings apply to the next call and not the current call.

Note: Some of the features described in this section require access to the Basic settings menu. If your phone requires a password to access the Basic settings menu, contact your system administrator for assistance.

Set the Call Rate for Video Calls

You can set the maximum call rate to use for a video call and the selected call rate applies to your next video call.

Your system administrator can set a maximum call rate for video calls, and you cannot select a call rate above this limit. You can choose a call rate between 128 kbps and 768 kbps. The default setting is 512 kbps.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Basic > Call Rate.
  2. From the Call Rate screen, select the maximum call rate you want to use for video calls.

Change Video Clarity

You can change the Target Frame Rate to improve video clarity.

The Target Frame Rate sets how smoothly your video displays. You can set a rate between 5 (least smooth) and 30 (smoothest). The default rate is 30.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Basic > Video.
  2. Select Camera Settings > Target Frame Rate and tap Up or Down to adjust the frame rate.

Set the Video Layout for the Meeting

During a video call, you can choose how video from meeting participants display on the monitor.

You can choose any of the following meeting layout options:
  • Auto (default)—The system chooses the best layout for the call.
  • Gallery View—Up to five meeting participants display. If content is displayed when the maximum number of participants is active, the content replaces one participant. When there are less than five participants, self-view displays.
  • Picture-in-Picture—Only self-view or the active speaker display. The PIP displays in or on the meeting content.
  • Fullscreen—The video of the active speaker or the meeting content displays in full screen.


  1. During a video call, tap Layout.
  2. Select a layout option.

Change How Far-End Video Displays

You can adjust video settings to control the appearance of video received from the far-end.

You can adjust the appearance of the far-side video so that it displays as one of the following:
  • Normal—The video image displays with correct proportions. Black bars appear on the top, bottom, or sides of the area to maintain the correct aspect ratio if the aspect ratio of the received video does not match the display area. The portions of the video that are not being received display as black bars.
  • Full—If the received video image is not the same aspect ratio as the display area, the video image is stretched to fill the area. If the aspect ratios match, no stretching occurs.
  • Crop—The video image is resized to maintain the correct aspect ratio. Any parts of the image that do not fit within the display area are cropped.


  1. Navigate to Settings > Basic > Video.
    For VVX 1500 phones, navigate to Menu > Settings > Basic > Video.
  2. Select Video Screen Mode and select a video screen setting.
  3. Select Save.