Features for Vision-Impaired and Blind Users

Polycom phones include various features that enable users with visual impairments to use many of the features on the phone.

The following table lists the accessibility features for visually-impaired and blind users.

Table 1. Accessibility Features for Vision-Impaired and Blind Users

Accessibility Feature


Adjustable backlight settings

You can change the brightness of the screen by adjusting backlight intensity settings.

Auto-answer feature

You can enable the phone to auto-answer calls so you don't have to choose an option to answer a call.

Plastic overlayA plastic overlay is available for placement on the touchscreen for the volume keys to assist with adjusting the volume.

Illuminated feature keys

Many feature keys are illuminated when activated so you're alerted when a feature is enabled.

Microphone mute feature

The system plays an alert tone when the microphones are muted or unmuted using any of the Mute keys on the device or far-end system. The system plays an alert tone periodically if the device is muted for a set period of time.