Receiving Messages with Group Paging

You can receive pages from any paging groups you are subscribed to. By default, you are subscribed to groups 1, 24, which is designated for Priority pages, and 25, which is designated for Emergency pages.

How you receive a page depends on the priority of the page, whether you are in an active call, and whether the phone is set to receive a page during an active call. When you receive a page, the page is always played through the speakerphone.

Your system administrator can define up to 25 paging groups and assign a label to each group to identify the phones in the group, such as All, HR Dept, Shipping Staff, or Executives.

Each group has one of the following priorities:
  • Normal—By default, broadcasts sent to groups 1 to 23 are considered Normal broadcasts. By default, all phones are configured to receive broadcasts sent to group 1.
  • Priority—By default, broadcasts sent to group 24 are considered Priority broadcasts. A Priority broadcast interrupts Normal broadcasts or active calls. All phones receive Priority broadcasts unless Do Not Disturb is enabled.
  • Emergency—By default, broadcasts sent to group 25 are considered Emergency broadcasts. An Emergency broadcast interrupts Normal broadcasts, Priority broadcasts, and active calls and plays out at near maximum volume even if Do Not Disturb is enabled.

When you enable Do Not Disturb, you receive only Emergency broadcasts, and non-emergency broadcasts do not play or display.