Logging in to Polycom Trio

If your system administrator has set up user credentials for your phone, you can log in to a phone and access your contacts or favorites, settings, and calendar, if enabled.

You can view your personal settings from any phone or system within your organization. Contact your system administrator for your user credentials.

Note: Some of the features described in this section require access to the Basic settings menu. If your phone requires a password to access the Basic settings menu, contact your system administrator for assistance.

Log In to a Phone

Depending on how your system administrator set up the User Login feature, you may need to log in to a Polycom phone before you can use one.

By default, Polycom devices do not require you to log in before you can use them. However, if you do not log in, you see the default profile. When you log in, you have full access to your personal settings and your directory. Any settings you change while logged in to a public phone are saved and displayed the next time you log in to any phone.


  1. Select Login.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If you see the User Login screen, proceed to step 3.
    • If you do not see the User Login screen, navigate to Settings > Features > User Login > Log In.
  3. From the User Login screen, enter your user ID and password, and select Log In.
    When your login credentials are accepted, your personal profile displays. If your credentials are not accepted, a message indicating your log in failed is displayed, and the User Login screen is displayed again. Check with your system administrator to confirm your login credentials.

Log Out of the Phone

After you finish using a public phone, make sure you log out to prevent access to your personal settings.


  1. Select Log Out or navigate to Settings > Features > User Login > Log Out.
    The Log Out screen is displayed with a confirmation message.
  2. Select Yes.
    Your personal profile is no longer accessible, and either the User Login screen displays for the next user or the default profile displays.

Change Your Login Password

You can change your login password from any phone on your network.


  1. Log in to a phone on your network.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Features > User Login > Change User Login Password.
  3. On the Change User Login Password screen, enter your old and new password information and select Enter.
    Your password is changed. The next time you log in to a phone, you need to enter your new password.