Listen to a Page during an Active Call

How you handle a page when you are in an active call depends on the page priority and whether the phone is set up to receive a page during active calls.

The following occurs when you receive a page during a call:
  • For Normal pages, the page immediately plays, and you hear audio from both the active call and the page.
  • For Priority or Emergency page, the page immediately plays. You hear audio from the active call and the page.
  • If the phone is not set up to receive Normal pages during active calls, the page is displayed as Pending.
Note: You adjust the volume of a Normal, non-emergency page while it plays, and the phone uses the adjusted volume for all subsequent non-emergency pages. However, only your system administrator can change the volume of an Emergency page.


  • Do one of the following:
    • For pages that play automatically during a call, hold the call to hear only the page.
    • For Pending pages, select Accept or hold the call.