Feature-Synchronized Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)

Feature-synchronized automatic call distribution (ACD) assists organizations in handling a large number of incoming phone calls to a call center with users in agent/supervisor roles.

Feature-synchronized ACD is distinct from and provides more advanced ACD functions than the Hoteling feature. This feature is not supported on VVX 101, 150, and 201 phones.

Feature-synchronized ACD is available in the following services.

  • Standard—Standard service enables call center agents to sign in to a shared phone. When an agent is signed in, the phone displays the current state of the agent, for example, whether the agent is available or unavailable to take new calls.
  • Premium—Premium service offers two additional features: Hoteling and Queue Status Notification.
    • Hoteling enables agents to use their agent credentials to log in to any available phone. If you want to enable the hoteling feature with feature-synchronized ACD, see the section Hoteling.
    • Queue status notification enables agents to view the queue status of a call center so that agents can adjust their call response.

The capabilities of this feature vary with the SIP call server. Consult your call server provider for information and for documentation. The SIP signaling used for this implementation is described in the BroadSoft BroadWorks document Device Key Synchronization Requirements Document; Release R14 sp2; Document version 1.6.

Note: For more information on standard and premium ACD as well as the hoteling and queue status notification enhancements, see Feature Profile 76179: Using Premium Automatic Call Distribution for Call Centers at Polycom Engineering Advisories and Technical Notifications.