Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating enables a user of an assigned primary phone to simultaneously access a registered line as a guest from an alternate host phone.

The user's primary registration is active on the primary and host phone. Users can access the BroadSoft UC-One contact directory and favorites on the host phone, but the Polycom contact directory and favorites are not available.

Note that Flexible Seating is different from the Hoteling feature in that it provides only the primary registration's label on the host phone without any synchronization of features or settings.

The following conditions apply to the Flexible Seating feature:
  • The primary phone and host phone do not sync automatically, but you can manually sync the phones on the BroadSoft BroadWorks server.
  • The phone configured for the host user cannot accept incoming calls. The host user can make only emergency outgoing calls that are defined by the BroadWorks server.
  • If the Phone Lock feature is enabled, numbers defined in the authorized call list are not allowed for outgoing calls except the emergency numbers set on the BroadWorks server.
  • The host user account is intended to be used as a placeholder account that supports guest users and is not intended to be assigned to an actual phone user.
  • The guest user cannot change the user password when Flexible Seating is enabled for the phone. You can change the host phone's user password from the Web Configuration Utility at any time. You can change the host phone's user password from the phone screen only when the guest user is not logged in.
Flexible Seating is not compatible with the following features:
  • Hoteling
  • Visitor Desk Phone (VDP)
  • User Profile Feature
  • Local Call Forwarding
  • Local DND

On the BroadWorks server, you can set a period of time when the server automatically logs out a user from a phone in case a user does not log out.