Provisioning Server Discovery Methods

After the phone has established network settings, it must discover a provisioning server to obtain software updates and configuration settings:
  • Static You can manually configure the server address from the phone's user interface or the Web Configuration Utility, or you can provision a server address using device.prov.serverName and corresponding device parameters.
  • DHCP A DHCP option is used to provide the address or URL between the provisioning server and the phone.
  • DHCP INFORM The phone makes an explicit request for a DHCP option (which can be answered by a server that is not the primary DHCP server). For more information, see RFC 3361and RFC 3925.
  • Quick Setup This feature takes users directly to a screen to enter the provisioning server address and information. This is simpler than navigating the menus to the relevant places to configure the provisioning parameters. For more information, see Using Quick Setup with Polycom Phones: Technical Bulletin 45460 at Polycom Engineering Advisories and Technical Notifications.
  • ZTP If a provisioning server address is not discovered automatically using DHCP and a static address has not been entered, the phone contacts the Polycom ZTP server and requests initial configuration files, including the address of the service provider or enterprise provisioning server.