Access URL in SIP Messages Parameters

You can configure the retrieval method for web content and enable users to choose to retrieve web content using either Active or Passive mode.

If your call server supports access URLs, you can also specify active or passive retrieval in the SIP header. If parameters in the SIP signal conflict with the file configuration, parameters in the SIP signaling take precedence.

You can also enable new web content to be added to the Settings menu on the phone, and users can set the default display mode for individual URLs to active or passive from the phone's menu.

Table 1. Access URL in SIP Messages Parameters



Permitted Values

Change Causes

Restart or Reboot



0 (default) - Spontaneous display of web content is disabled.

1 - Spontaneous web content display is enabled.



passive (default) - Web content is displayed only when requested by the user. Passive mode is recommended when the microbrowser is used for other applications. When passive mode is enabled, an icon displays beside a call appearance indicating that web content is available, and the user can press Select to view the content.

Active - Web content is retrieved spontaneously and displayed immediately.