Call Recording Modes

Set the call recording modes on the BroadSoft BroadWorks R20 server using the following call recording modes:
  • Never Mode Call recording is never initiated and the phone never displays call recording soft keys.
  • Always Mode The entire incoming or outgoing call is recorded and no control options are available to users. During active calls, the phone displays a Record symbol. Call recording stops when the call ends and the call is stored on the server.
  • Always with Pause/Resume Support Mode Call recording starts automatically when the call connects and the Pause and Resume soft key are available. The phone display indicates the status of the call recording state. Call recording stops when the call ends and the recorded part of the call is stored on the server.
  • On Demand Mode Call recording starts on the server when the call connects, but the recorded file is not saved until the user initiates the recording. When the user presses the Start soft key, the recording is saved to the server and the phone displays the Pause and Resume soft keys.
  • On Demand Mode with User-Initiated Start Mode Call recording does not begin automatically and a Record soft key displays. If users want to record an active call, they need to press Record > Start to start recording and save the recording to the server. While recording, the phone displays the Pause, Resume, and Stop soft keys.
  • Recording two separate calls and creating a conference This mode enables users to record two participants as separate call sessions when connected in a conference call. The server stores the conference call as two separate recording sessions.