Log File Collection and Storage Parameters

You can configure log file collection and storage using the parameters in the following table.

You must contact Polycom Customer Support to obtain the template file techsupport.cfg containing parameters that configure log file collection and storage.

There is no way to prevent the system log file [MAC address]-plcmsyslog.tar.gz from uploading to the server and you cannot control it using the parameters log.render.file.upload.append.sizeLimit and log.render.file.upload.append.limitMode . However, you can control the frequency of uploads using log.render.file.upload.system.period .

Table 1. Log File Collection and Storage Parameters



Permitted Values

Change Causes Restart or Reboot



Specify the events to render to the log files. Severity levels are indicated in brackets.

0 SeverityDebug (7)

1 SeverityDebug (7) - default

2 SeverityInformational (6)

3 SeverityInformational (6)

4 SeverityError (3)

5 SeverityCritical (2)

6 SeverityEmergency (0)



Set the maximum file size of the log file. When the maximum size is about to be exceeded, the phone uploads all logs that have not yet been uploaded and erases half of the logs on the phone. You can use a web browser to read logs on the phone.

512 kb (default)

1 - 10240 kB



Specify the frequency in seconds between log file uploads to the provisioning server.

Note: The log file is not uploaded if no new events have been logged since the last upload.

172800 seconds (default) - 48 hours



1 (default) - Log files uploaded from the phone to the server are appended to existing files. You must set up the server to append using HTTP or TFTP.

0 - Log files uploaded from the phone to the server overwrite existing files.

Note that this parameter is not supported by all servers.



Specify the maximum size of log files that can be stored on the provisioning server.

512kb (default)



Specify whether to stop or delete logging when the server log reaches its maximum size.

delete (default) - Delete logs and start logging again after the file reaches the maximum allowable size specified by log.render.file.upload.append.sizeLimit .

stop - Stop logging and keep the older logs after the log file reaches the maximum allowable size.