Severity of Logging Event Parameters

You can configure the severity of the events that are logged independently for each module of the Polycom UC Software.

This enables you to capture lower severity events in one part of the application, and high severity events for other components. Severity levels range from 0 to 6, where 0 is the most detailed logging and 6 captures only critical errors. Note that user passwords display in level 1 log files.

You must contact Polycom Customer Support to obtain the template file techsupport.cfg containing parameters that configure log levels.

Table 1. Severity of Events Logged



Permitted Values

Change Causes Restart or Reboot



Set the severity level to log for the module name you specify. Not all modules are available for all phone models.

For a list of available module names, module descriptions, and log level severity, see the Web Configuration Utility at Settings > Logging > Module Log Level Limits.