Capture Your Device's Current Screen

You can capture your phone or expansion module's current screen.

VVX business IP phones and the Polycom Trio solution do not support expansion modules.

Before you can take a screen capture, you must provide power and connect the expansion module to a phone, and enable the phone's web server using the parameter httpd.enabled.


  1. In the sip-interop.cfg template, locate the parameter up.screenCapture.enabled .

    You can add the sip-interop.cfg template to the CONFIG-FILES field of the master configuration file, or copy the parameter to an existing configuration file.

  2. Set the value to 1 and save the configuration file.
  3. On the device, go to Settings > Basic > Preferences > Screen Capture.

    Note you must repeat step 3 each time the device restarts or reboots.

  4. Locate and record the phone's IP address at Status > Platform > Phone > IP Address.
  5. Set the phone to the screen you want to capture.
  6. In a web browser address field, enter https://<phoneIPaddress>/captureScreen where <phoneIPaddress> is the IP address you obtained in step 5.

    The web browser displays an image showing the phone's current screen. You can save the image as a BMP or JPEG file.