Flexible Line Key Assignment

You can enable users to assign a line key function to any line key on the phone.

By default, functions are assigned to line keys in succession—the order in which the line key displays on the phone. Flexible Line Keys (FLK) enables you to break that ordering and assign a line key function to a line key that displays anywhere on the phone's screen. You can apply this feature to any line key function, including line appearance, speed dial, busy lamp field (BLF), presence, and Enhanced Feature Keys.

This feature is available on the VVX 200 series, VVX 300 series, 400 series, 500 series, 600 series, and VVX Expansion Modules.

Note: Line keys on VVX phones and expansion modules are numbered sequentially, and the line keys on VVX expansion modules depend on how many lines your phone supports. For example, a VVX 600/601 phone supports 16 lines, numbered 1-16. The first line on an expansion module connected to a VVX 600/601 phone is line 17.