Call State for Custom Soft Keys

You can configure soft keys to display certain functions depending on the phone's menu level or call state.

For example, you can make a Call Park soft key available when the phone is in an active call state.

You can configure custom soft keys to display for the following call states:
  • Idle—There are no active calls.
  • Active—This state starts when a call is connected. It stops when the call stops or changes to another state (like hold or dial tone).
  • Alerting (or ringing or incoming proceeding)—The phone is ringing.
  • Dial tone—You can hear a dial tone.
  • Proceeding (or outgoing proceeding)—This state starts when the phone sends a request to the network. It stops when the call is connected.
  • Setup—This state starts when the user starts keying in a phone number. This state ends when the Proceeding state starts.
  • Hold—The call is put on hold locally.