Example Macros

The action string $Changup$*444*$P1N4$$Tinvite$$Cwaitconnect$$P2N3$$Cpause2$$Tdtmf$$Changup$ is executed in order as follows:
  1. The user is prompted for 4 digits. For example, 1234.
  2. The user is prompted for 3 digits. For example, 567.
  3. The user's active call is disconnected.
  4. The string *444*1234 is sent using the INVITE method.
  5. After connection, there is a two second pause, and then the string 567 is sent using DTMF dialing on the active call.
  6. The active call is disconnected.

Because line keys and their functions are linked to fields in the directory file, the macro name you enter in efk.list.x.mname must match the name you enter to the contact (ct) field in the directory file. The macro name you enter in the (ct) field of the directory file must begin with the ‘!' prefix.