Prompt Macro Substitution

The macros provide a generic and easy way to manage and define the prompt to be displayed to the user, the maximum number of characters that the user can input, and the action that the phone performs after all user input has been collected.

The macros are case sensitive.

If a macro attempts to use a prompt that is disabled, the macro execution fails. A prompt is not required for every macro.

For example, the efk.efklist.x.action.string can be defined by a macro substitution string, PnNn, where the following applies:
  • Pn is the prompt x as defined by efk.efkprompt.x .
  • Nn is the number of digits or letters that the user can enter. The value must be between 1 and 32 characters otherwise the macro execution fails. The user must press the Enter soft key to complete data entry.